Posted 20.2.20

Exmoor Holiday Cottage site launched

Visitors to beautiful Exmoor National Park now have an easy way to book accommodation at The Bailiffs Cottage, a holiday cottage in North Quarme, Somerset, thanks to a new website launched by Eazyweb.

The website at features some stunning photo galleries and a custom booking system, to showcase this luxury character cottage nestled in a private estate on Exmoor.

Exmoor Holiday Cottage Bailiffs Cottage, North Quarme, Somerset

The booking system allows quick and easy booking of the cottage through an AJAX controlled front end, which connects with a backend database to show only those dates currently available.

Book The Bailiffs Cottage holiday cottage on Exmoor

In addition, the system automatically connects to other sites where the cottage is listed, and updates the backend database. It also shares booked dates with other sites. In this way, site visitors are only ever offered dates that are actually available.


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