Posted 10.1.17

Online interactive quiz development

Eazyweb have completed another local government project, with the development of a certification scheme for ASD Info Wales.

This scheme provides a self-paced, self-serve certification for personnel that are involved with supporting children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Interactive quiz developed by Eazyweb Internet in Cardiff

Healthcare practitioners and social care providers can access the web resource, and after signing up, can then proceed through a self-paced multiple-choice style test.

At the end of the quiz, which is designed with an attractive easy-to-understand interface, the user receives a score out of 20. If they received full marks, they are then issued with an official dated certificate, personalised with their name. The certificate is part of a recognised local government initiative which then illustrates their adherance to the scheme's standards.

Custom online certification scheme by Eazyweb

If they dont answer all questions correctly... the quiz doesnt tell them which one(s) they got wrong! Rather, it just tells them how many they got wrong, and invites the user to go back and amend their wrong answers. This deters a trial-and-error approach to the quiz, and ensures that it is not too easy overall.


More Information

To find out more about the Supporting Children with Autism scheme for Health & Social Care Practitioners, check out ASDInfoWales at

To discuss the development of an online interactive quiz, contact Eazyweb today!


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